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I am excited to finally start sharing my own crochet patterns with you very soon!


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I began crocheting around the age of eleven. I adored the cozy blankets that my grandma had made and asked my mother to teach me. Looking back, I can remember sitting on the hearth together as she taught me how to magically transform a skein of yarn into beautiful stitches and eventually a scarf.


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There is a scene in my favorite movie, Breakfast At Tiffany's, where Holly claims her knitting pattern for a sweater morphed into a ranch house after a pattern mix up. Well, that was quite similar to the way I had trouble following patterns. They just weren't my thing. Therefore I went my own way and after several lopsided scarves and awkward beanies, I honed my craft and created my own designs and patterns. I love dreaming up my own ideas. Mixing different stitches and watching a skein of yarn transform into something I've imagined is so rewarding.


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In 2012 I opened up an Etsy shop where I spent the next several years selling everything from wedding decor jar covers to crochet blankets and accessories, like beanies and scarves. Over the years, I have been fortunate enough to send hundreds of cozy pieces around the world.


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