My goal is to help you confidently share and or sell your own patterns and crochet pieces.

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Have you been crocheting for long enough to develop your own style? With constant practice, failed projects, successful creations and happy accidents, you can discover your own way of creating that will set you apart.

  • The stitches you love may become your go to staples.
  • You've likely built a collection of all your own favorite yarn types and colors.
  • There are probably certain hook sizes you use regularly.
  • Written patterns may include your own shorthand and note filled margins.

All of these details and techniques that you collect over time can become a custom story that only you can share through the unique patterns and goods you create.

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I began crocheting around the age of eleven. I adored the cozy blankets that my grandma had made and asked my mother to teach me. Looking back, I can remember sitting on the hearth together as she taught me how to magically transform a skein of yarn into beautiful stitches and eventually a scarf. 

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In 2012 I opened up an Etsy shop where I spent the next several years selling everything from wedding decor jar covers to crochet blankets and accessories, like beanies and scarves. Over the years, I have been fortunate enough to send hundreds of cozy pieces around the world.

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